Upholstery Cleaning
Step 1. Pre-Inspection
Before the cleaning technician starts, they will be looking for any pre-existing conditions, areas of concern, or danger points. At the same time, they will give you are opinion of what kind of results you should expect.
Step 2. Pre-Vacuum
This step most cleaners skip and go straight for adding the cleaning solutions. Before we can add any moisture to your upholstery we must remove as much as possible all the dry soil and containments. This is a very important step in our process.
Step 3. Applying Cleaning Solution
This will lift and suspend any remaining dry particulits and it will also loosen and breakdown an soils and containments that are stuck to the fibers.
Step 4. Agitate
We will first agitate and absorb the soils with a low moisture method.
Step 5. Clean
We will rinse and flush away the remaining soils using low moisture tools.
Step 6. Grooming
Some fabric should be groomed as a final step.