Rug Cleaning
Helping You To Get The Most Out Of YOUR Rugs!
We offer PICK-UP & DELIVERY service for the cleaning of rugs in the Orange County area. How clean are your rugs? Do they look stained and matted? Do you vacuum them once in a while and think that's enough? Far too often, the answer is yes.
Rugs are very different from carpets, the construction of rugs traps and hides dry soil much different than carpets do. they are often made with finer fabric like wool and silk etc. Area rugs add warmth, style and value to the house. Quite often, rugs hold a very high sentimental value to us, handed down from generation to generation. Also we find rugs to be woven art, precious pieces of art, a great investment, and as with any investment, they are no different in needing good care.
We recommend professional rug cleaning care. It helps to preserve rug’s natural beauty, extends its life and keeps the value up.
At WeRestoreCarpet, we undertake all rugs cleaning offsite to our rug cleaning facility to ensure they are cleaned the right way. We have a multi step process that we use on each rug that starts off with a thorough pre-inspection process, followed up with steps to determine the best cleaning method for each particular rug.
We use the very latest, powerful and effective rug cleaning equipment to ensure the most amount of dirt possible is removed from your rug. The modern rug cleaning solutions we utilize are environmentally friendly and achieve outstanding results. All our rug technicians have been trained to the highest industry standard. We serve all of the Orange County area for all your cleaning needs.