Carpet Cleaning Process


No more wondering what you will be charged. We have FIXED PRICED CARPET CLEANING.

  • We will DEEP CLEAN every carpet
  • We will DEODORIZE every carpet
  • We will PROTECT every Carpet
we use an array of different tools to clean your carpets. We have a different cleaning device for each process of the job and each tool we use is the best tool for each process we perform. We believe that if we are using the best tool for each step, the end results will be the very best. Compared to a the traditional carpet cleaner that is basically using one tool for the whole job.
1. Pre-Inspecting
We will do a thorough pre-inspection to determine the condition of your carpet and to learn if there are any particular areas of concern.
2. Soil Loosing & Removal
Our professionally trained and qualified carpet cleaning technician will first remove any dry soil in your carpet. We have multiple tools we use to remove the dry soils. This is a step that most carpet cleaners skip and its one of the most important steps we perform. About 75% of the soil in your carpet is dry particulates. If you wet the carpet prior to removing the dry particulates they will become heavy and sticky and much more difficult to remove. Most carpet cleaners skip this step because it is time consuming and you do not see these dry particulates because they are small and usually hidden.
3. Pre-Spot Cleaning
While we are removing the dry soil we will becoming more familiar with your carpet and any special areas of concern. We will note any areas that we feel will need to be pre-treated. We will treat this areas of concern with the appropriate cleaning solutions to help remove these spots during the regular cleaning process.
4. Cleaning Solutions
We will then lightly apply our green cleaning solutions that will start to work immediately on breaking down any soils and containments that remain in the carpet.
5. Microfiber Cleaning:
This step we want to start to agitate and break down the remaining soils in the carpet. This is similar to using a sponge to clean dirty plates in your kitchen sink, compared to just running the water over the plate. The wiping action of the sponge cleans much better, deeper and faster. We use a oscillating machine that gently breaks down and removes the soils and containments from the carpet fibers.
6. Absorbing Pad
We then will our rotary oscillating machine this time with an adsorbent pad, and it will absorb and wipe away the dirt, soils, spots in front of your eyes.
7. Post Spot Cleaning
Then we will re-inspect the whole house looking for any of the areas of concerns and see if we need to post spot cleaning them.
8. Post Vacumming
Again, very important step that most companies skip, the post vacuuming. The technician will then do a final post vacuum to remove any fibers, dirt, hair or anything thing else that can be removed.
9. Grooming
Then we will set all the pile in one direction and groom it so that it looks neat and uniform.
10. Final Inspection
We will do a final walk through with you to make sure we met or exceeded all your expectations.